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Our vision

Today’s individuals are full of unrealized potential. Unfortunately, most lack the tools to unlock the courage, respect, and confidence necessary to embody their authentic selves — and then use it to improve their personal and professional outcomes. In environments of constant change, being equipped with this ability is more important than ever.

Our mission

To help these professionals bridge the gap between the rational and emotional, adopt growth-oriented mindsets that prioritize wellbeing, maintain peak performance using sustainable methods, and develop the self-awareness to keep improving each day.

We promise to provide individuals with the tools they need to achieve their full potential and thrive in all aspects of their everyday lives.

We promise to provide exercises and e-coaching based on science-based techniques, which are proven to promote growth and self-development.

We promise to help organizations and HR teams access data and insight that will help them make better hiring decisions, increase retention, and improve their overall talent pipeline.

We promise to make resilience coaching accessible to people from all walks of life and offer the guidance they need to not only survive, but make a positive difference in their families, social groups, local communities, and beyond.

Our Leadership

Nicole van der Stad
Co founder CEO
Yolanda Buchel
Co founder and Chief Coaching Content Officer
Alan Daly
Head of Sales Operations

Our Board

Richard Moran
Chairman of the Board
John van Baardwijk
Member of the Board

Our Advisors

Paul Arens
Carine Schneider

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