Yolanda Buchel

Head of Content & Coaching and Co-founder
Yolanda Buchel is Chief Coaching and Content of WOOSH5 and a pioneer in e-coaching. As the trainer and head of the WOOSH5 coaches, she is responsible for the delivery and impact of WOOSH5’s programs and products to its growing customer base.

Yolanda is a psychologist who has worked in employee coaching for over 30 years. Prior to WOOSH5 Yolanda served in various HR roles at multinationals such as Philips, Shell, and ICI. Yolanda is a strong advocate for innovation, employee empowerment and equity in the workplace. She is based in the Netherlands and has written several books on workplace resilience and coaching. Yolanda Holds a M.Sc. in Organizational Psychology, from the universtity of Tilburg in The Netherlands.

What resilience means to her
Yolanda: “The research and my experience that resilience is a verb, gives me peace and focus. Sometimes it’s the everyday toughness of matters that require practice in enduring & tolerating, lightening & strengthening and forward learning. Then again it’s about big decisions or life events. To me, resilience stands for lifelong growth.”