Joyce Moons

Joyce Moons


'Give me six hours to chop down a tree, I will spend four hours sharpening my saw' – Abraham Lincoln. 


After studying Business Administration, I worked in several staff and management positions at both multinationals (Unilever, KLM) and SMEs (SANEC). I have also lived and worked in four different countries over the past 10 years. Abroad brought adventure but also reflection and in 2012 I decided to completely change my career. I did my masters in Coaching & Mentoring at Oxford (England). I was so impressed by the course that I graduated cum laude and won the prize for best student of the year. Since then, I am happy to discover my new path.

Role at WOOSH5

As an e-coach, I base my approach on the two most important instruments you have, namely the brain and the body. These are often taken for granted, but if you want to do things differently, the brain can work against you and sabotage you. I use the latest scientific insights from psychology, behavioral and neuroscience. This helps you to use your tools as effectively as possible so that you can achieve your goal with more success, but also with more fun.

Resilience moment

In my life I had to rely on my own resilience several times, such as times when I moved abroad, my search for a new career, getting children, doing business etc. What I learned from this is that resilience does not mean that you are always strong and you go everywhere with ease, but that there is always a moment when you get yourself together again and you turn your sights from a can not do to a can do. The beauty of the WOOSH5 platform is that you will be helped to achieve this turnaround sooner through detailed insight & training.