Yu Mee Tan


What can you expect from me?
Clients say that I have a natural calmness that comforts people in creating a safe and open space. My style is pragmatic, intuitive and lovingly confronting when needed. I am open-minded and flexible, quickly get to the point and have a keen sense of what is needed. In my coaching I use a variety of methodologies and like clarity and clever practical solutions.

Resilience for me
As a working mother with 4 young children, my life is a constant balancing act in resilience. For me, resilience is ‘dealing with what life throws at you’. Any challenge or surprise requires reaction, adaptation, flexibility and decisiveness. Whether it is a complex issue to be solved, managing your priorities between work & private life, your close ones asking for your attention, you are continuously exposed to your own ability to deal with life.

After 15 years in corporate, I started my own coaching and training company. As an ICF Professional Certified Coach, my international projects vary from training coaches, designing leadership programmes, to coaching professionals in the corporate and humanitarian sector. I am passionate about personal leadership, growth and transition processes.