Yolanda Buchel


What you can expect from me

Through resilience coaching, I help you view challenges differently, embrace uncertainty, and accept failures. We focus on achievable goals, refining your thoughts and habits for success. I provide support, insights, alternative solutions, accountability, and celebrate your victories!

What resilience means to me

Switch “on” during crucial situations and switch “off” to rejuvenate for the ensuing challenge, decision, or hurdle. Coaching in resilience has enlightened me about what I require to withstand, particularly in the harsh truth of conducting business, and to relish the minor victories that life and entrepreneurship provide. Resilience also involves acknowledging the necessity for aid, as collaboration truly makes a significant impact!


I have more than 20 years of experience in coaching and training, honed by my hands-on work in psychology with individuals from multinational corporations such as Philips, Shell, and ICI, as well as with business owners. This extensive experience provides a robust base for tackling your coaching needs. Furthermore, I have contributed to several books, including Generation V: Working on Your Resilience for People in Their Forties and Fifties (2013), Career Maintenance (2010), and Guts: Career Coach for Women (2005).