Talia Latuhihin


What can you expect from me
I guide caring, sensitive professionals to take control over their own (work) environment. Learning to choose, express yourself and set boundaries are essential skills to take ownership of this. This will allow you to experience more peace in your work and your life. From this tranquility, your sensitive qualities such as kindness, compassion, care and loving connection can come into their own, allowing you to (again) enjoy life to the fullest, filled with pleasure and from your heart.

Resilience to me
To me, resilience is the metaphorical bubble wrap that surrounds you as you travel through life. Life is a bumpy road with hurdles and potholes, which sometimes present big challenges to move forward. The more resilience you have, the better you can withstand a blow, making it easier and more enjoyable to travel through life.

As a highly sensitive person (HSP), I’ve learned to manage my emotions and lead a relaxed life through personal leadership. I’m passionate about sharing this experience with other sensitive professionals, helping them utilize their sensitivity as an asset. I use humor and straightforward language to identify and address challenges. My background includes biomedical training with a focus on business administration, and I’ve held managerial roles in academic hospitals, navigating the intricacies of large organizations.