Sherif El-Henaoui


What to expect from me
I closely listen to my clients’ aspirations, recognizing their unique potential and pace. My coaching approach involves asking insightful questions to discover their individuality and talents. My job is to highlight these talents, motivate them to harness them effectively and guide them toward their goals, ensuring they remain focused on their original objectives.

Resilience to me
The anchor of a ship symbolizes the resilience we need to navigate life. When individuals quickly fall into victimhood or overreact to simple issues, I wish there was more resilience around. Regardless of what we call it, it’s vital to have ample resilience and continually work to maintain it.

I’ve been an ICF-accredited coach since 2016 with a Ph.D. in telecommunication engineering. My forward-looking, strengths-based coaching style is molded from my corporate and consulting background. I’m also a Gallup-certified strengths coach. My previous roles include engineer, telecom network designer, management consultant, and marketing executive in a multinational company. I have over two decades of experience in 15+ countries and have resided in five. Currently, I live in southern Switzerland with my family, near Italy.