Sanne Klomp


What to expect from me
I coach with an open mind, believing you’re in control of your life. I help identify and overcome hindrances, creating a judgment-free environment for growth. I aim to give you a deeper self-understanding to confidently make wise decisions in tough situations. Together, we’ll build mental resilience to achieve your goals.

Resilience to me
Resilience is the courage to start fresh after tough times, seeking help when necessary, and showing self-compassion during hardships. It’s about embracing uncontrollable situations while trying to change what you can. This balance embodies true resilience.

From a young age, I was passionate about guiding people. After earning a bachelor’s degree in Social Work and completing coaching courses, I began coaching healthcare professionals and team leaders. I believe in constant development and am a certified EIA NOBCO and E-Coach. I am also studying organizational psychology at the Open University. My approach blends positivity, engagement, thoughtful questioning, and reflective pauses to help people thrive.