Sandra Jumelet


What to expect from me
I can help you put into perspective feelings, fears, problems, irritations, or issues that sometimes become overwhelming and help you translate them into smaller, manageable challenges to regain control over these matters.

Resilience to me
Being resilient means that you dare to stand up for your wishes, limits, and needs while considering the desires and boundaries of others. It might be challenging sometimes, but it is essential for your job satisfaction and overall well-being.

Being resilient requires awareness and practice so that when it comes down to it, for example, in stressful situations, you can still clearly articulate where the limit lies for you and guard it.

As an experienced audit professional, consultant, project manager, and certified Management Drive coach, I have an extensive experience in coaching teams, junior & senior team leads, and Board Members to become more resilient, compelling, and successful while retaining their authenticity.