Sandra Dillion


What you can expect from me

I motivate my clients to take control of their lives, drawing from my diverse experiences and coaching style. I mainly guide in areas such as career, leadership, business, finance, relationships, team building, sales, marriage, and life planning. I assist clients in overcoming limitations, crafting a vision, identifying the gap, and devising a plan to reach their goals.

Resilience for me

Don’t let obstacles hinder your progress. Find ways to overcome them, as achieving big dreams often requires taking actionable steps. These could involve working at a young age, striving for a college scholarship, single-handedly raising a child, or starting a business. When faced with challenges, seek growth and turn them into opportunities.


With an MBA and a Master’s in Human Service Counseling, I transitioned from a successful career in the chemical industry to a professional Leadership & Life Coach and Business consultant. I run my own practice and active in community leadership, advising businesses and leading workshops in prisons and non-profits locally and in third world countries. I’m also invested in marriage coaching, leading a ministry focused on strengthening families and improving personal finances.