Peter Lit


What can you expect from me?
As a vitality expert, I help people navigate personal and professional challenges and achievements. We may face hardships like separation, job loss, illness, or bereavement, or strive for goals like starting a business, buying a home, changing careers, or embarking on significant journeys. These situations require resilience, energy, and motivation. I aid in improving your personal efficiency and understanding your strengths, talents, and potential pitfalls.

Resilience for me
As an entrepreneur, I’ve learned to be flexible with my goals through fun tasks and unexpected setbacks. Major challenges often lead me to clear my mind with a beach run. This helps me face daily life hurdles effectively. Resilience is about finding personal tools to maintain balance during highs and lows, so we can react consciously when we stumble or thrive.

As a vitality coach, I help individuals improve their energy, motivation, and resilience towards self-directed lives. I use counseling and coaching methods, backed by my experience in physical training and lifestyle coaching. Despite advancements in health knowledge, people often fall back into old habits, so I keep updating my skills to provide effective physical and mental coaching.