Paul Hooijdonk


How I help my clients

I am here to inspire and guide you in managing difficult situations. This could relate to collaboration or communication with coworkers, achieving your business or personal growth targets, maintaining a balanced work-life equilibrium, or reducing your stress levels. The end goal is to enhance your resilience, enabling you to experience more joy and vitality in your professional and personal life.

Resilience for me

Heraclitus stated that change is life’s only constant, 2500 years ago. Recognizing this, it’s wise to develop resilience to cope with life’s hardships. My experiences have shown me that resilience can lead to happiness, unaffected by fluctuating circumstances.


Over the past three decades, I’ve mentored individuals in managerial roles across both the business services sector and the education sphere. With qualifications in commercial economics, law, psychotherapy, organizational culture and communication training, my education enables me to effectively empathize with your circumstances. Our collaboration aims to construct a robust, resilient life.