Nguyen Le Hang


How I help clients

Personal values of love, empathy and inspiration are the foundation of my passion for coaching. My extensive business experience creates a strong foundation for me to e-coach people looking to improve themselves and their career. My focus is on awakening inner strengths: positive thinking, emotional management, and clarity. I specialize in coaching young professionals, and help them overcome new challenges, make the most of opportunities and live their best life.

Resilience for me

Resilience is the mental reservoir of strength you can call on in times of need. I have faced challenges in my career: sales, cost optimization, retrenchment, competition, economic crises, organizational change… Looking back, I’m grateful for those challenges as they made me the resilient person I am today. I have learnt how to play with my fears as friends. My resilience grows stronger every day so I can face difficulties and adapt to changes.

17 years of experience as a PR Executive, Marketing Manager, Business Development Manager and Country Manager at international organizations in indust