Manon Zinzell


What you can expect from me

As a coach, I provide open, honest, and dynamic guidance to help individuals and teams reach their full potential. We’ll collaboratively navigate your coaching needs, gain deep insights, and establish positive, goal-driven future plans.
I also specialize in creating resilient, healthy, and thriving workplaces by establishing an environment of psychological safety and positive conflict. This fosters confidence, focus, and innovation, aligning with the core purpose and vision of the organization.

Resilience for me

To me, resilience is the mental strength to redirect our attention when unexpected changes occur in our personal or professional life, often beyond our control. We remain centered and in touch with our emotions while adjusting our focus, which can often take a significant amount of energy. Thus, it becomes essential to continuously renew our mental energy to avoid exhaustion.


With 20 years of brand marketing experience, I’m a certified Professional Transformational Coach, trained in Team Coaching, and ADD Executive Skills. I am also a facilitator at the World Business and Executive Coaching Summit and am accredited by the ICF and EMCC. My certifications include Mindfulness, Conflict Management, Team Diversity, Design Thinking, Mindshift, and 360 ° Feedback Assessment.