Joyce Moons


What you can expect from me
As an online coach, I focus on optimizing your brain and body, often underutilized but crucial for change. Leveraging insights from psychology, behavioral science, and neuroscience, I help you maximize these assets for successful and enjoyable accomplishment of your goals.

Resilience for me
Throughout my life, I’ve leaned on my resilience during major changes like moving abroad, career shifts, parenthood, and starting a business. I’ve learned resilience isn’t about constant strength, but about shifting your mindset from “can’t do” to “can do”. The WOOSH5 platform aids this process by providing insightful training to help reach this turning point faster.

After studying Business Administration, I held roles at multinationals and SMEs, and lived in four countries over a decade. In 2012, I switched careers, completing a Master’s in Coaching and Mentoring in Oxford, England, where I graduated cum laude and was awarded best student of the year. Since then, I’ve been pursuing this new career path.