Ignatia Mannou


What you can expect from me
My primary focus is creating a psychologically safe, diverse and accepting work environment; one in which you feel free to be your authentic self, recognize your unique abilities, express your thoughts and receive input from others. This takes effort and resilience from the individual as well as from the team and the organization. I am dedicated to pushing for progress on an individual, team and organization-wide scale.

Resilience for me
For me, resilience is being able to pick oneself up after falling down while still possessing the strength to find opportunity in difficulty and adjust readily when confronted with challenging or demanding situations – all while striving for equilibrium. Psychological safety plays a huge role here; by sharing experiences within a safe environment we can make it through hard times together instead of alone.

Experience & Qualifications
The combination of my many years working as an Operational Auditor with my substantial knowledge regarding psychological security gives me the necessary tools for helping people achieve their objectives while also cultivating a workplace where each person can thrive feeling supported and protected.