Herbert Dettingmeijer


What to expect from me
As a coach, my goal is to enhance people’s potential. I’m practical, direct, and help clients find their own solutions and path forward. My approach is creative and solution-oriented, balancing idealistic thinking with realistic action.

Resilience to me
Resilience is the ability to stay balanced in changing circumstances. If something disrupts that balance, the speed at which you regain it is crucial. My personal resilience comes from a regular routine, good diet, exercise, and hobbies like making music. If things go wrong, I acknowledge it and do things I enjoy. Being naturally optimistic also helps.

After obtaining my HBO degree in Personnel and Labour, I served the Employment Service for 10 years in various roles, including mediator, team leader, and policy officer. At 37, I established my own business in reintegration, outplacement, and career coaching. With 30 years of experience, I’ve explored various coaching methods and tailor my approach to fit the coachee’s needs, focusing on solution-oriented work and Kaizen principles. I am also currently undergoing PMA training.