Fanny Spruytte


What can you expect from me?
Since 2009, I’ve offered coaching in Dutch, French, English, and Mandarin, focusing on communication, self-reliance, cross-cultural adaptation, leadership and introvert/extrovert issues. I provide a non-judgmental, analytical approach and practical tools to assist my clients’ development through tasks, active listening, and questioning.

Resilience to me
Throughout my life, I’ve overcome various challenges. Some planned, such as immigration, expatriation in China, social and cultural adjustment. And some unplanned, involving personal and familial cancer battles, family loss due to the desease, and dealing with suicides. This has taught me that human resilience is about bouncing back stronger after setbacks. These experiences have strengthened my faith in our capabilities, which is reflected in my coaching approach.

As a sinologist with degrees from the University of Ghent, Beijing Language and Arts University, and EHSAL Brussels, I have a deep interest in China and Asia. I’ve studied Buddhism, Qigong and meditation since my youth. In 2009, I underwent my first coaching training at the Dutch Academy for Psychotherapy and since then, I’ve consistently sought further education in this field. I’m currently a Global Coach Group student, an ICF member, and work as an intercultural leadership trainer. I’m ICQ certified in guiding teams in psychological safety and a certified mindfulness trainer since 2023, leading mindfulness sessions.