Emeralda Garcia


What you can expect from me
As your E-coach, I aim to inspire and empower your personal and professional growth through trust and authenticity. I’m passionate about fostering resilience and goal setting, helping you understand yourself, make value-based decisions, and maximize your potential. Let’s join hands on this journey of resilience!

Resilience to me
In my life, I’ve faced numerous challenges and changes. It didn’t make life easier, but it made me stronger and more resilient. I transitioned my mindset from a victim to a conqueror. I believe resilience aids personal growth. WOOSH5 is an effective platform that enhances your resilience and mental strength, helping you develop a formidable mind to tackle life’s challenges and opportunities. As Mike Norton said, human limitations are only determined by our minds.

With over 15 years of global experience, I’ve worked in HR roles, as a trainer, facilitator, recruitment consultant and leadership coach for various institutions. I hold a Master’s Degree in Organisational Psychology and HR management. I’m also a Certified Co-Active Coach, Associate Certified Coach, NPL Practitioner and received training in Organisations and Relationship Systems Coaching. Additionally, I am proficient in Spanish, French and English.