Cymantha Glasheen


What you can expect from me
As your coach, my primary focus is guiding you toward embracing your authentic self and confidently embodying that version of you in both your professional and personal life. I provide straightforward guidance without sugarcoating it while also celebrating all your wins, no matter how big or small they are! I am here to support you as you navigate discomfort on your journey of growth because from experience I have learned that growth isn’t always easy so it helps having somebody to support you like a coach.

Resilience for me
Never giving up. In recent years, I’ve faced mental health challenges, burnout, and significant life & career changes. Through these experiences, I’ve learned the importance of perseverance. I used to believe that hard work alone could solve all problems and maintain success. However, this mindset led to severe burnout, requiring years of therapy and coaching for recovery. By redefining my understanding of success and prioritizing my own desires, I gained the resilience needed to work towards my goals & kicked my people pleasing + hyper achieving beliefs to the curb.

After earning my Business Degree, I began my journey up the corporate ladder. Starting as a BDR, I quickly advanced to roles as an Account Manager, Customer Success Manager, and Product Manager. These experiences provided first hand insight into the challenges of corporate advancement. Yet, I’ve learned that true fulfillment isn’t found in external validation, but in aligning my life and career with my values. Inspired by my own coaching journey, I obtained certification in Positive Intelligence Coaching and later became certified in ADHD Coaching from ADHD Works, aiming to support others like myself.