Arthur Wee


What you can expect from me
Globalization and disruptive technologies have created tough business environments for employees and owners. Companies resort to “right-sizing” and repositioning to stay competitive. I’ve helped stakeholders from various industries cope with increased performance demands and navigate transitions to new careers in difficult job markets.

Resilience for me
The scenarios described above aptly put resilience at the fore front on how individuals could develop and employ this critical skill to remain employable and flourish in life. As we live in a dynamic, complex and fast-paced environment, fortitude has thus become an essential skill to be acquired and nurtured – it will sustain our purpose in life and act as an enabling catalyst that empowers us to thrive jointly in our careers and personal lives.

My career began in Business Process Re-Engineering at a global consulting firm where I realized the importance of human capital in instigating change. My passion for this field led me to roles in human resources within multinational corporations, taking on both in-house and service provider responsibilities. I hold qualifications in business administration, systems analysis and information systems from the US and the UK, alongside diplomas in adult learning and teaching, and advanced HR skills. Additionally, I also teach at academic and professional institutions.