Anne Vink


What you can expect from me
As an E-coach, I aim to help you realize your freedom of choice. We’ll work together to clarify your goals and take small steps toward them. With time, you’ll be able to look back proudly at your progress. Your personal growth is my happiness.

Resilience for me
Resilience, to me, means adapting to change. I’ve experienced significant changes in my life, from a troubled upbringing, professional shifts, motherhood, and entrepreneurship, to coping with COVID-19. These changes have made me wiser and left me with cherished moments.

After a 15-year career in business, I chose to become an entrepreneur, focusing on coaching, a role I always enjoyed. Training as a psychodynamic coach & therapist has allowed me to understand myself better. With my life experience and education, I now guide my clients through their journeys. Despite challenges and successes, I’m now doing what I love.