Yolanda Buchel

Yolanda Buchel

Co-founder and Director of Coaching

Meeting challenges requires courage and courage, I experience with both my coachees and myself. Daring often implies temporary loss of balance. Do not dare, however, means to lose yourself.


Personal development has been my focus since the start of my career: as a Learning & Development professional and HR manager within various corporate companies (Philips, Shell, ICI). As a psychologist in my 15-year coaching and training practice. As a writer of books such as 'Generation V, working on your resilience for people in their forties and fifties' (2013), 'Career maintenance' (2010), 'Lef, career coach for women' (2005) and 'You are at Z' (2004). What is your goal, your next step? How do you manage yourself and your context there? What helps you, what stops you? Central questions in coaching online and offline, resulting in always growth in self-confidence.

Rol bij WOOSH5

Besides my role as Director Coaching of WOOSH5 I am (E-) Coach. For me, coachees gain lightness and pragmatism, a broader view, problem solving capacity, energy and depth. Every session I use to bring more air and light into the issues of customers, I offer routes and handles that provide more grip and possibilities for our own direction. And lead to 'peace of mind'.

Resilient moment

Independent entrepreneurship challenges me every day to test my desire for (financial) independence and security. I move forward steadily, courageously, stepping away from the familiar roads. With the relocation of our office, own house for sale, start-up of WOOSH5 and daily assistance of coaches and coachees, I also need regular reflection to keep overview and 'peace of mind'.