Robin Athey

Robin Athey



Since 8 years old, I have been passionate about what happens when people’s diverse and unique voices come together, in service of something greater. Perhaps my greatest joy is experiencing people in their gifts and talents, lighting up with purpose. I also love performance -- and work primarily with leaders and professionals in fast-moving, complex environments.

What conditions encourage us to give our best? Towards a shared purpose, and the world we know is possible?

Questions like these have led me all over the world – as a consultant with Kurt Salmon, as VP Production for Cole-Haan, and as Deloitte’s thought leader on the human aspects of organizational performance. Today, I am founder of Integral Growth, where I help clients build their capacity for purpose, power and resilience. I am also partner at Evolution, a coaching consulting firm that works with high-growth startups and organizations.

I’ve worked in 29 countries, been a fellow at Harvard, sat on the board of the UN Association, taught the core MBA leadership class “Leading Individuals and Groups” at Simmons School of Management. Clients have included ABB, Microsoft, Eli Lilly, Fujitsu, Banco Santander, Hitachi, Cole Haan/Nike, non-profits, governments, startups.

I hold a B.S. Engineering from University of Florida, an M.A. International Economic Policy and Advanced Certificate in OD and HR from Columbia University, and am graduate of dozens of modalities of leadership, coaching, purpose, group dynamics, somatic psychotherapy and trauma. I have practiced meditation and yoga for 23 years – a beautiful study in resilience.

Role at WOOSH5

My role at WOOSH5 is to help clients lead themselves, and to perform at the level that they are capable. Life and work can be stressful on so many levels. I integrate my understanding of leadership, culture, team performance and organizational dynamics with neuroscience and the nervous system to help clients get clear about what matters to them, build their awareness and confidence, optimize their energy, develop stronger relationships, engage meaningfully, and achieve results that matter. Clients perform more effectively – and become better leaders of themselves, as they navigate change and uncertainty.


Resilience moment

I recently heard a definition of resilience that struck me: “To take a licking and keep on ticking.” It reminded me of the old Timex commercial. And it reminded me that we are capable of so much more than we often imagine.

What are the conditions that allow us to survive and thrive? To come out stronger?

Years ago, I noticed that the wisest leaders I knew had passed through many crucibles or hardships. They learned how to navigate complex situations. They learned a lot about business. And mostly they learned a lot about life, and our shared humanity.

My resilience moments? I see them as crucibles: living and working around the world, launching startups and projects with friends and failing, years battling addiction, struggling as an entrepreneur, and experiencing my home burn down. They keep teaching me the limitations of my assumptions, and the gifts that are hidden in every crisis.