Maud Bech

Maud Bech


Strength and weakness are two sides of the same coin. Being aware of them and what you can do about it, is half the battle won. It may take some extra courage but you will be pleasantly surprised!


A generalist with 25 years of international HR and Leadership Development experience in the Oil & Gas industry in Dutch, American, Azerbaijanian, Chinese, Bangladeshi, Indian and Russian work environments. 

Role at WOOSH5

As a Woosh5 e-coach I look forward to partner up with clients to provide more in-depth perspective and guidance in building a personal and realistic "resilience stretching"action plan to support them in achieving their goals. It will be a joint effort which should also bring some fun while getting to results. 

Resilience moment

Cross cultural differences seem to be a strong common thread in my personal and professional life as a Dutch citizen, grown up in South America, worked for an American company in The Netherlands an many other countries including Asia, Europe and the US now living in Houston, Texas a naturalized US citizen and married to and American of Pakistani origin. Brimming with 'resilience demanding moments' my life and work constantly required me to accept change and new ideas on how to get from A to B.

Although personal perspectives, norms and values are not always shared and yet, life successes can be achieved if you keep an open mind and stretch yourself and your attitude!