Lynn Slippens

Lynn Slippens



After working in industries such as recruitment and career event management, I decided to turn my passion – empowering and guiding others towards powerful insights that allow them to see the opportunities and possibilities available to them – into a career. Early 2014, I started transitioning into a professional coach. Short after I graduated from specialized coach training in both Europe and the USA, I launched my coaching practice, InnerBeyond Life Coaching, where I partner together with individuals to get clarity around what it is that they want and need for themselves to live life to their fullest potential.

Role at WOOSH5

No matter the industry you work in, dealing with stress, deadlines, team structures, company culture, leadership skills and managing your work/life balance can be challenging. As an E-coach, I assist you in building tools and skills to increase your level of engagement, energy, performance, and happiness to create value in all areas of your life. By challenging and holding you accountable, I help you to create awareness, gain insights and empower you to feel justified into taking actions to accomplish your goals. The WOOSH5 platform is specifically designed towards the current way of living, meaning you'll have unlimited 24/7 access to both the platform and me as your personal coach.

Resilience moment

Resilience is a quality that allows people who feel knocked down by life to come back stronger than before. Throughout our lives, we all encounter moments of resilience to learn from and reflect on to consciously expand our skill set in how best to deal with those kinds of situations. Both personally and professionally, I focus on learning from those moments by exploring, and more importantly how I showed up and dealt with, the presented situation. I believe a conscious mindset allows you to continuously grow, use your talents and to maintain strong relationships. In my life, I have encountered many moments of resilience such as my diagnosis with a chronic disease at the age of 6, living abroad multiple times and launching my own business. During those moments, I questioned my thoughts, actions, and beliefs by being honest and open to successfully achieve the goals I set out for myself. WOOSH5 offers a powerful platform that helps you to create lifelong tools and skills, which empower you to take control of your life, career and move into the direction you envision.