Ditte Lockefeer

Ditte Lockefeer

E- coach

As a coach, I guide entrepreneurs to put them back in their power and I coach employees to help them realize the goals for which they stand.


More than 20 years I have experience as an entrepreneur in the SME business. In the people business, where human capital is the most important asset. As an employer, I know better than anyone how important it is to advise employees to maintain their life balance and to support them in their personal development.

Now I coach entrepreneurs to put them in their power. I also guide the employees to help them achieve the set goals together, in connection with each other. I also support students on their way to their working life in making choices, sometimes working in a groundbreaking way. I am also a member of the Advisory Board of Eclectic, an IT organization.

Role at WOOSH5

I am an E-coach based on the idea that I understand under which pressure employees can stand when delivering performance. Sometimes in combination with their private life. Where time is often an issue.

I support the customer in their quest to (re) discover their independence, resilience, optimism in a practical and inspiring way.

Resilient moment

Starting a new practice, in which other characteristics are addressed, also provide the new challenges at the same time. Renew and stay connected. Looking for and showing your own resilience remains a recurring item to let my life go on and on.