Choon Neo Siow

Choon Neo Siow

Product Development Manager & E-coach


An ardent believer of the power of hope and that people have innate strength, my work as a leader and executive manager, and an organizational psychologist, have centered around ensuring people can perform to the best of their ability with the right process and content.

Role at WOOSH5

Some of my time with Woosh5 is spent on e-coaching. The rest is spent on strategizing, globalizing, and customizing solutions that help individuals and corporate clients succeed through improved levels of resilience. Whilst achieving strong and sustainable resilience results in individuals and companies is a target of mine, bringing Woosh5 resilience onto the global stage (especially in Asia) is a strategic move I attend to fully.

Resilience moment

The toughest moment I experienced and overcame was when I lost my mother at the age of 14. She was my world. When she was alive, I always wanted to stay home. After she died, I never wanted to go home. I knew people around me, family and friends, were worried, so I pulled myself up and began to concentrate on what I needed to do to move on with life without her. I consciously set goals and plans and went about achieving them with the help of those who loved me. Bit by bit, constantly aware of changes needed, I conscientiously groomed myself up to be what I believe she wants me to be – an honest, open-minded, kind, and caring person just like her. She lived a resilient life herself. What more could I have asked but for her to be my role model.