The E-Pit Stop is E-Coaching within our secure environment.

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After the payment for an E-Coaching route has been received by WOOSH5, a client is automatically assigned to an E-Coach.

The E-Coach of WOOSH5 that has been assigned a certain client sends an introductory e-mail to the client. In it, the E-Coach proposes itself with his or her first name and from that moment on the coaching process begins.

WOOSH5 has the following subscription possibilities:

1. WOOSH5 basic subscription. This is a low amount per month and it is closed for the period you choose. At the start of this process, the Resilience Profile is produced by completing 250 questions. Then, exercises are offered based on the report that becomes available. After they are done, new exercises are offered. The training is of course performed by the user himself.
The basic subscription can be paid monthly by credit card debit but also in 1 time with a discount via IDeal or credit card for the whole year. This membership can also be concluded for 2 or 3 years at the same time.

2. The WOOSH5 E-Coaching subscription. To be able to close this, you must already have a basic subscription.
If a person prefers more guidance in doing his exercises or has specific questions, he or she can start with E-Coaching which is also called E-Pit Stop. You can take a subscription on the E-Pitstop for 1, 2 or 3 months. During the period he or she chooses, the user receives E-coaching 3 times per month from an E-coach specially trained and certified by WOOSH5. This will provide insight into the Resilience Profile of the coachee in order to be able to coach the client as effectively as possible.

WOOSH5 works with E-Coaches who are specially trained to coach on the basis of the WOOSH5 Resilience Profile.
E-Coaching is coaching via e-mails. The advantages of E-Coaching compared to face-to-face coaching are:

- there is no travel time
- because Coach and Coachee put their thoughts on paper, questions and possible solutions will become clearer
- there is no distraction from the environment and people
- you can be coached at any time and place
- it is much cheaper
- it is completely anonymous


The Resilience model of WOOSH5 has been developed by Dr. Patrick Reinmoeller, Professor at Cranfield University and Associate Professor at Erasmus University Rotterdam. The model is the fruit of many years of research and gives a good idea of the resilience of a person when filled in honestly. In addition, it indicates on various dimensions and aspects where improvements can be made.
In addition to the model, carefully selected exercises developed by our own psychologists and coaching staff were added to the site to help our members improve all aspects of resilience as necessary.

Yes, they are completely secret. Apart from the E-Coach, no one can access this data. Also WOOSH5 employees are not. The WOOSH5 E-Coaches are affiliated with various professional associations, which guarantees confidentiality. Profile data is automated, completely anonymous, provided to Professor Dr. P. Reinmöller for his research. This research should lead to WOOSH5 being able to continuously improve the questions and outcomes and the quality of the profile on a scientific basis.

WOOSH5 is registered with the College Persoons Bescherming in the Netherlands under number m1582671.

If you are not satisfied with your E-Coach you can send an email to You will then be assigned another e-coach and the new login details will be sent to you.

You can take out an E-Pitstop subscription on the site for one or more months. After you have applied for the subscription on the site, you will receive a login code with which you can log in to the E-Coaching section of the WOOSH5 website. You will then be linked to the coach that best fits your resilience profile. Incidentally, you can only subscribe to an E-Coach if you are a member of WOOSH5.


Send an email to Then you will receive a link on your email address to change your password.

To change your account details, such as your username, e-mail address or other details, log in to the website at 'My WOOSH5' and go to the 'Settings' tab. There you can change all data.

To change your password, log in first and click on "Change your password". Then you will receive a link on your email address to change your password. If it does not work, send an email to and we'll be happy to help you.


There are 2 ways to pay for your membership: pay a one-off amount with Ideal for the entire year or choose to have your membership debited from your credit card every month.

Your membership runs for at least 12 months and will be debited monthly from your credit card if you opted for it. At the end of the chosen period, the membership is renewed automatically if it has not been canceled in time.

You can cancel your membership at any time with a one-month cancellation notice by sending an email to

If you have chosen to pay the membership in 1 time for the whole year via Ideal, the membership will automatically be renewed after the end of the year, unless you cancel it in time.

We regret that you are considering entering your membership. Remember that our frequently asked questions are there to offer tips and advice for your problems. You can always call Yolanda Buchel for help. Her number is: +31 633590673.

If you still want to cancel the monthly membership on our website, please send an email to and we will process this as soon as possible.

At WOOSH5 you can:

1. Take a monthly subscription that will make you a member of WOOSH5 and enable you to create a Resilience Profile.  And then train a number of dimensions and aspects thereof. This subscription runs for the period you choose. The training and exercises are offered to you on the basis of the report of your profile and the points for improvement that emerge from it. You only have to train on them yourself!

2. Take a monthly subscription to E-Coaching if you need coaching in addition to exercises you do yourself. So next to your already closed membership you can take out an E-Pitstop subscription for 1, 2 or 3 months. You will be assisted in your questions by one of our specially trained E-Coaches with whom you are in direct contact.