Corporate wellbeing

Improve Mental Fitness and Resiliency in your workplace

Change and new challenges are inevitable for your business. Build a resilient workforce that's agile enough to adapt, innovate and navigate problems while staying positive and focused.   

From better managing organizational change to increasing the overall wellbeing of your employees, we provide a solution to some of today’s relentless business challenges.

  • Increase productivity
    Companies with corporate wellness programs that strengthen workforce resilience experience an 8% increase in employee productivity.
  • Improve Employee Wellbeing
    A corporate welness program will improve employee wellbeing and decrease absenteeim and turnover.
  • Increase revenues 
    Reducing absenteeism and improving productivity will lead to increased revenue.

How it works

1. Get your resilience score

Discover your needs for development with our scientifically validated resilience assessment.

2. Contact your e-coach

We match you with one of our licensed e-coaches to make sure you receive the support and encouragement you need to make next steps.

3. Write when you want

Most of the challenges we face in life are not scheduled. You can always start writing to your coach and expect to receive a response within 48 h...

4. Reach your own goals

Our mental work-outs help you reach all kinds of goals: set boundaries, improve relationships, handle uncertainty. 

The all-in-one corporate wellness solution that boosts mental fitness and productivity

Woosh5 is a corporate wellbeing solution that's built for how employees work and live today. Getting started with Woosh5 takes just minutes, giving your team a simple seamless way to address any issues that arise before they start to significantly impact their well-being and your bottom line. 

During the intake process, resilience measurements are made and anonymously saved in the system, allowing you to track overall workforce resilience.

By using the platform, a personalized program can be created that will have a positive influence on your employees wellbeing and engagement, which in turn will result in increased productivity. 

Through our communication program, employees will be able to share experiences, motivate each other to work out together, increasing the general work climate of your company.