What is WOOSH5

WOOSH5 is an online platform, specially developed for the new success in the 21st century. Joining the changes of today and tomorrow requires your independence, self-awareness, self-management and renewal. You continue to see opportunities - despite pressure, setbacks or obstacles. And you constantly develop yourself, always to the next level. That is how you make your own success.

How to tackle this effectively is anchored in the scientific foundation around Veerkracht. Your resilience determines whether you lead a healthy and happy life or that you end up in mental illness because of your vulnerability. The greater your resilience, the better you can handle the changes, pressures and strains of today, in your work and in private.

Scientists associated with WOOSH5 have established the resilience profile that gives you insight into where you stand. WOOSH5 psychologists, trainers and coaches develop the training schedules, based on their expertise and current scientific insights from, among other things, (positive) psychology. Professional E-Coaches assist you 24/7 in your E-Pit stops when you can use a helping hand and tips.

WOOSH5 24/7

Training your resilience helps you to be successful. At work and in your private life. As a profes...

Resilience score

WOOSH5 provides detailed insight into the structure of everyone's resilience. We use a framework of four factors, which are subdivided into 8 b...


You can train yourself at WOOSH5 to become mentally stronger. You can log in at any time on the platform with your own login code. For everyone there...


Every member of WOOSH5 can use an E-Coach with a separate subscription. We call that the E-Pit stop. Because often you need direct help or support wit...

Resilience consists of 8 building blocks. Depending on your situation and question, you choose which building block you want to work with. With the WOOSH5 Mental Workouts - feeding yourself through film material, reading exercises, behavioral experiments and motivational triggers - you gain more self-insight and you stand firmer. All this based on the Do it Yourself method and secure identity.

 The 8 dimensions are:                                                                  

Emotion management


Self image


Life experience


Problem solving ability​