Are you ready for a next step?

Are you ready for a next step?

Within a fee-earning organization, a number of professionals indicate in their annual Fit meeting that they want to make a step in their personal growth. In both business and personal circumstances they were challenged to set limits, to take a position and to relate better. The partners of the organization realize that they can not offer the required support tto realize this and they look for a helpline for them. And find it in Woosh5 's online and offline offer because it specifically works with coaching on resilience.



With the help of their resilience profile and weekly exercises and E-coaching, the professionals experience more self-awareness and focus. They feel that they can look beyond things and find their course again. As a result, they engage proactively with their manager (because they want to switch to another customer, because they want to enter into the consultation differently / more effectively, because they want to change the relationship with their supervisor differently), with their customers (because they want to improve the communication and approach), with their colleague (because they want more depth and more sparring in the collaboration), with their partner at home (so they have less conflict or more connection)


'I should have done this much sooner' 'easy on hand' 'it makes me more confident, more energetic, more optimistic, which makes me more daring and more opportunities for myself', is the regular feedback. Exactly what we had in mind when we started with Woosh5.

And you?

Do you also want more direction? Stand stronger in your shoes? Regular maintenance to yourself because you understand that you will become stronger and continue?

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