4 tips for Managing your Emotions

4 tips for managing your emotions

After a busy working day you think you can go into the supermarket quickly because you forgot something. But instead of being able to quickly walk through the aisles, your child pulls everything from the shelves, gets into a tantrum and lies down on the floor. You feel your blood pressure rise and you wonder what you are doing for good.

You have a great job at a large company. You know about the major reorganization that is coming up and you have all kinds of ideas about how you want to guide the people in your department. That is also what you want to tell in the discussion with HR. But then it turns out in that conversation that you are not the one who has to do this. They do not say without you, but have decided to do it without you and you can go.

You are finally enjoying a night out with friends. But what was supposed to be a relaxing dinner turns into a heated political struggle. A fierce discussion ending in a reproachful and nasty scene. Everything except the stress-free evening that it had to be.

Just a few examples of what coaches of us ran into during the past week. From those moments that make you angry or annoyed. The adrenaline is running and it does not save much or your emotions take over. What are strategies that you can use at such a moment to put yourself on a different track to prevent derailment?

Take a little distance

Think as your wisest self and how you would respond. Ask yourself what your best self would say about this situation. This helps you to go back in your own experiences and not react from emotion but with your mind. This is a variant of moving yourself in another person, for example someone who is an example to you, and thinking about how that person would react.

Every disadvantage has its advantage

Get a thought up that makes you feel a little better about the situation. For example, in case you heard that you are losing your job, you appreciate that you will be paid for another period and can think about what your next step will be. Consider what is there and what else you can help.

Move your attention

Moves your attention to something completely different. When you find yourself drawn into a discussion that goes the wrong way, get out. Try changing the subject and turning the conversation around. If that does not work, then you literally move. For example, go to the w.c. or just walk away and take a deep breath through your diaphragm. A little break works wonders!

Consider what is really important

Think about the bigger picture by reflecting on what really matters to you. Try to let that lead and tell you how to best respond to a difficult situation. Imagine the questions: "What is the most important thing at the moment?" And "What do I really want to do?" You can give a lot of relaxation and clarity.

Changing the script into your head is not self-evident for everyone. It may well be that you can sometimes use personal support and coaching. And that is exactly our specialty! With Woosh5 Online Coaching you always have your coach at hand.