A simple plan for your Mental Fitness

Power up your resilience and mental strength to take on future goals and everyday challenges


We believe Mental Fitness is for everyone

By definition Mental Fitness means being on top of your game and getting the most out of your life. That's why we started WOOSH5. We want to help people build a healthy and strong mind. To allow you to handle with ease the challenges and opportunities that life puts in front of you.  

Get started right away

How it works

1. Get your resilience score

Discover your needs for development with our scientifically validated resilience assessment.

2. Contact your e-coach

We match you with one of our licensed e-coaches to make sure you receive the support and encouragement you need to make next steps.

3. Write when you want

Most of the challenges we face in life are not scheduled. You can always start writing to your coach and expect to receive a response within 48 h...

4. Reach your own goals

Our mental work-outs help you reach all kinds of goals: set boundaries, improve relationships, handle uncertainty. 

Why do users choose WOOSH5?

To get more focus

'I realize - by doing a few exercises regularly - how little focused I often enter a meeting. Bit on autopilot instead of imagining what I want to achieve and with whom. Doing a WOOSH5 exercise twice a week makes me more alert. '
Leila (34) HR professional

To stay positive

'The E-Coach has shown me how I can handle my emotions differently: it makes me less gloomy, after all, the exercises help me to get more positivity and see where there are opportunities. Instead of talking to myself in a valley. "
Annette (57) Healthcare professional

To move forward

'I always looked forward to the messages and questions from the E-Coach: they gave me structure, put things in the right perspective for me. And it prompted me to move.'
Neil (43) Business Analyst

The scientific validation of WOOSH5

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