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What does it feel like to be mentally fit? And what can we do now to develop a resilience that will help when the going gets tough. 

When you are mentally fit you flourish and feel like your best possible self. Allowing you to be more creative, make the most of the opportunities as they present themselves, and approaching stressful situations more calmly and with less anxiety. 

We offer you bite-size activities to improve your mental fitness. Our trained e-coaches personalize your program and keep you motivated to reach your goals. 

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Why do users choose WOOSH5?

'I realize - by doing a few exercises regularly - how little focused I often enter a meeting. Bit on autopilot instead of imagining what I want to achieve and with whom. Doing a WOOSH5 exercise twice a week makes me more alert. '
(we do not give names because of anonymity) (34) HR professional
'The E-Coach has shown me how I can handle my emotions differently: it makes me less gloomy, after all, the exercises help me to get more positivity and see where there are opportunities. Instead of talking to myself in a valley. "
(we do not give names because of anonymity) (57) Healthcare professional
'I always looked forward to the messages and questions from the E-Coach: they gave me structure, put things in the right perspective for me. And it prompted me to move.'
(we do not give names because of anonymity) (43) Business Analyst

The scientific validation of WOOSH5

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